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YYTERI BEACH is a sight in itself. You’ll also find Reposaari and Mäntyluoto close by with their many attractions.

Sea, rocks, harbour, the unique Kokemäenjoki river delta, the observation tower… The list is long and interesting!
YOU’LL BE IN no hurry to leave Yyteri, thanks to its high-quality services! Enjoy our excellent hotels or other accommodation opportunities, as well as our versatile restaurants and auxiliary services.

The Reposaari Guest Harbour fulfils the needs of those arriving by boat.
FOR PEOPLE ON active holidays, this treasure trove offers things to do by the sea and in nature. You’ll find an excellent surf centre and two golf courses in the Yyteri area.

Various activities are also offered in the Kokemäenjoki river delta area.

For young surfers or for grown ups SURFCAMP 21.-23.6. 2010 More information or by phone +358 50 512 1366