Techno Worlds 2011

First two days of World championship 2011 in TECHNO 293 class

DAY 1 - Training, practice race, great opening ceremony is all in the past here in San Francisco.
It's a great venue for windsurfing and great place to host world championship. Everybody is "Californicated" and ready for some action....
Here is the link to the first video from the event :

DAY 2 - First day of racing for all competitors. Great venue, great challenges.

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Gallery (link will stay during the whole event) :

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All the video can be found on this youtube channel : one link for all the videos for those who do not want to embed videos to their websites.

Vdeo here :
Day 3 Enjoy the action share with friends

Plan is great but it is worth nothing if you do not execute it. Great conditions again in San Francisco and chance for everybody to execute their plans. Are the medals decided? Find out !
Video here:
Day 4 Keep on watching our daily reports there is still a lot of action ahead.

It may all look very easy when you watch the kids sail, but it requires perfection.
There is a lot behind just a simple mark rounding.
Find out more in the video from DAY 5 of the 2011 World championship Techno 293 in San Francisco.
Day 5
Techno 293 is a class which has a success written all over it.
Class is growing and braking all the records, kids are happy, level is high.
Today was a last day of championship. Great finish to great regatta.
Day 6


Daily videos until 24.july.

Thanks a lot PATRIK (SVK1)
Final Results here
Techno 293