Read Techno 293, too

Techno 293 OD
As agreed by the 2008 Annual General Meeting the Class Rules have been
revised by the class committee and approved by the ISAF. The 2009 Class
Rules are closed class rules. The competitor and the one designequipment,
supplied by Bic Sport, must comply with these rules when racing.

Key points:

1) one design sail
Only the sails supplied by Bic Sport can be used - the 7.8 OD, 6.8 OD
and the new 5.8 OD.

2) one design rig
Only the OD mast, OD boom and OD mast extension supplied by Bic Sport can
be used. The OD 460 mast can be used with both the 7.8 and 6.8 OD sails.

3) personal equipment - buoyancy
Important - personal buoyancy, if prescribed, shall conform to the minimum
standard of ISO 12402-5 (Level 50). Acceptable buoyancy aids will have
this standard marked on the item.

4) closed class rules

is prohibited. Many of the changes in the wording have been made for

Practical considerations:

5) change down sail
Due to concerns about the availability of the 5.8 OD sail and rig, the
2008 AGM approved the continued use of the "any sail/rig 5.5 sq.m/ or
less". To action this decision the amendment will be published in
championship NoR's - see NoR #10.4 for Lacanau and Weymouth.

6) approved rig list
The 2008 AGM also decided that national class associations should
determine the timescale for introducing, fully, the one design 2009 Class
Rules. For that reason the approved rig list can still be found on the
class website; no new sails or riigs will be added to this list.

7) written permission to change class rules
" The sailing instructions may change a class rule only when the class
rules permit the change, or when written permission of the class
association for the change is displayed on the official notice board".

The class rules do not permit the SI's to change a rule; written
permission can be applied for. The 2008 AGM decisions supported the
phasing in of the new rules by national associations, if necessary.