RS:X Issue

Issue No: 38 Date: October 15th 2009

The ISAF Conference is almost upon us so I thought I'd take this opportunity to bring you up to date on our plans for the evolution of the RS:X equipment after our very successful 2009 RS:X World Windsurfing Championships staged in Weymouth, UK.

First off and an almost immediate cosmetic evolution in the look of the sails. There was a feeling in the ISAF Events Committee last year that our sails could be more colorful. Neil Pryde has responded to this with RS:X Class approval, by proposing to change out the grey film used in the top half of the sails.

The RS:X Class Annual General Meeting voted to accept the proposed 'Lipstick Red' 8.5m film and the 9.5m 'Gold' film. These 'stand-out' colors make following the racing a breeze even in the grey and misty conditions in which we shot the above video.

Neil Pryde are now doing accelerated UV testing and will announce when production will start in the New Year.

Secondly, the RS:X AGM voted to give the 'green light' to the light weight hull feasibility study on condition that no change is made to the shape of the hull and that the costs involved in the study are not passed on to the end user.

The first prototype was shown in Weymouth. The RS:X Evo-1 Proto is 14kgs. Neil Pryde are looking for ways to lose more weight without resorting to any exotic solutions. However, early feedback says that Evo-1 is a step ahead.

There are no plans to introduce this evolution before the RS:X AGM has had a chance to vote on any proposed class rule changes resulting from this on-going testing programme and anyway these will not come into effect before January 1st 2013.

"The plan is to lay out a clear pathway for the evolution of the RS:X so that MNAs can plan accordingly" said Class Chairman Mike Dempsey "This staged evolution of the RS:X will ensure that the selected Olympic equipment remains up to date and representative of the whole sport"

Neil Pryde, himself, will be in Busan, Korea for the ISAF Conference to answer any questions and demonstrate his continuing support for ISAF, Olympic Sailing and the RS:X in particular.

Rory Ramsden
RS:X Class Association