Baltic Cup 2009


Yyteri, Finland 24.-26.7.2009


Baltic Cup Yyteri 2009 Photos

Friday 24th of July 2009, first day of races

 Neil Pryde Baltic Cup 2009 in Yyteri, Finland started in rainy conditions. All together 41 competitors registrated for the formula class and 5 for the race board class. Of the 46 competitors there were three women, two youths and two juniors.
On Friday four races were sailed in the race board class and two in the formula class.

At the beginning it looked like there was not enough wind for the formula class but after two race board class starts the wind picked up and we were able to start two formula + race board races back to back. EST – 202 Martin Ervin sailing with Starboard / Neilpryde dominated the formula races with EST–99 Ahun Johannes, EST-44 Toomas Mölder and EST-24 John Kaju on Friday.

 In the race board class FIN-6 Juha Blinnikka took the top position in all of the races.
 Saturday 25th of July 2009, second day of races
Heavy rain which started on Friday continued for a good part of Saturday. Along with the wind came reasonably strong wind (highest gusts around 10.5 m/s, average being around 7 m/s) and we were able to run two races of both classes in the morning back to back and three after a lunch break in the afternoon. The Estonians once again lead the formula class though FIN-93 Jussi Ohlsson, FIN-12 Jani Paju among others obtained a few top 10 positions in Saturday’s races.
The first positions of the race board class’ starts on Saturday were divided between FIN-6 Juha Blinnikka and FIN-23 Seppo Lehti.
The day was rather heavy with two plus three starts but it seemed that the competitors were pleased with the fact that they were able to sail in good wind conditions all day.
Sunday 26th of July 2009, third day of races
The wind forecasts did not promise much for Sunday but we were pleasantly surprised when the wind picked up and stayed around 5-7 m/s for the first part of the day. In the morning there were two formula and race board races back to back and after the break we were aiming to race one more race board race and three more formula races. After the day’s third start the wind dropped completely and we were forced to call it a day totalling to 12 race board races and 10 formula races for the Neil Pryde Baltic Cup 2009 in Yyteri. 
Not surprisingly EST-202 Martin Ervin took the first position both in the overall and masters division in the formula class. Fin-6 Juha Blinnikka won the race board class, LAT-134 Bruno Strauss won the grand masters division of the formula class. FIN-109 Tuuli Petäjä won the prize of best woman, EST-24 John Kaju the best youth and FIN-611 Daniel Blinnikka the best junior of the Neil Pryde Baltic Cup race in Yyteri. In addition to the official awards the organising committee wanted to award FIN-332 Sami Larkiala for his enthusiasm and persistence during the competition.
The organisers would like to thank Neil Pryde, Captain Shop, Jari Laakso oy, Rip Curl and Corona Extra for their assistance in organising the event.